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Apparently, the queue isn’t posting. No idea. Sorry about that and I’ll try to work it out tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy a submission teslarifle.

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Submissions and requests/questions are open. However, if you’re submitting something Destiel (or with a focus on Dean, Sam or Castiel), I am trying to ration those to have a better variety of characters and pairings. So please send in other characters and pairings, either as submissions or requests, if you’d like. Also, please understand why there may be a wait. Thank you.

Note: No more requests for Sabriel, please! But submissions are welcome.

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I can't even describe the utter perfection that this blog is. I'm curious - do you write all of the "texts", or are some submitted to you?
Asked by flowerchylde

Sorry to disappoint, but all texts come from TFLN, which is linked in the header. :)

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Remember, if there’s a character or pairing you want to see more of, the answer is not spamming the ask to complain about Destiel/Castiel. The answer is to send a message saying “Hey, more _________ would be cool, please.”

I’m pro-characters and pro-shipping so all you need to do is ask, but if you can’t be civil about it then I won’t take your wishes into account.